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Paper Quality

The loud name has nothing to offer on the inside. The company claims to be successful at writing complex college and university-level papers, such as degree dissertations and theses, but in fact, can only deliver quality sufficient for a regular college essay or an undergraduate term paper. This is not surprising, as is a cheaper clone of, with a significantly weaker writer pool and lower quality standards. If you want to order a research report, a dissertation, or a thesis, you should spend your money somewhere else.BestDissertation Paper Quality

Prices and Fees

Price vise BestDissertation is a full copy of its senior counterpart. Expect high prices not only for degree-level works, but also for regular college assignments, such as essays and coursework. There are no first-order discounts as with other cheaper online writing services, and free extras, for example, bibliography, annotation, and title pages. The available additional features all come with premium price tags, but their practicability and quality are in pricing


BestDissertation guarantees its customers full anonymity and security of personal information. In the Terms of Use policy, they promise up to a full refund and an unlimited number of free revisions. In reality, however, many users were left dissatisfied and frustrated, unable to claim even a partial refund and receive a timely revision. This situation is not an exception, but rather a norm for all low-quality online writing services.bestdissertation Guarantees

Service Review and Online reputation

All major service review platforms such as TrustPilot, Reddit, SiteJabber, and others will give you a true picture of BestDissertation’s reputation. There are plenty of negative comments dating as far back as 2012 – when the company was established. Expert reviews, with a few exceptions, are all confirming this trend, rating BestDissertation very low and advising prospective customers to avoid placing their graduate-level orders here as much as possible.

Customer Support

I had the “pleasure” of talking with their customer support agents twice. On both occasions I have encountered ignorance and rude attitude, my questions were not answered and claims were put on hold. I think that for a company that positions itself as a premium service, this is absolutely not acceptable. On top of that, the agents spoke with me with a clear non-English native accent and they were hard to reach in the first place (over 15 minutes of waiting time on the phone).

Types of Services

Graduate-level paper assignments, such as theses and dissertations, make up the company’s bread and butter. However, they also do all types of academic papers including undergraduate essays, term papers, literature reviews, reports, presentations, etc. Additional services consist of editing and proofreading (which come with separate price tags by the way), plagiarism and grammar checks, expert and top writer options, to name a few.

Ordering Process

To order a paper at BestDissertation, proceed to their website. There you can select the “Place Order” button in the upper right corner of the first page or click on the relevant tab in the main menu and open the online order form. Another way to place your order is by calling their customer support service; however, expect long waiting lines and unfriendly customer support agents. In either case, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your nickname and contact details (email or phone number)
  • Your order type and deadline
  • Preferred additional options and services
  • Make a deposit upfront, which will be disbursed to the company/writer only when you confirm the order receipt

bestdissertation ordering process

Offers and Extra Services

Don’t expect miracles or free-of-charge service from BestDissertation – their pricing policy is indistinguishable from any premium writing service. They claim to host experts and top writers, but in reality deliver average quality papers at best. Extra services include grammar and plagiarism checks, editing, and proofreading. While the former option might be useful indeed, the first two options are as good as free-of-charge checks available online.bestdissertation spesial offers



  • A wide choice of services
  • The simple online ordering process


  • Low quality of papers
  • Inadequately high prices
  • Empty guarantees
  • Horrible customer support
  • Absence of offers and useless extra services


The current company is better to be avoided for all serious graduate-level college assignments. Despite their loud name and attractive website, they have nothing to do with high-quality academic writing and their writers are only good for simple essay tasks at best.


Is BestDissertation a fraud?

They are not a fraud service in a classical sense, though the pricing and quality standards are not up to the serious college and university assignments.

Is BestDissertation cheap?

They are a rather expensive service. Their performance is no match to their pricing policy.

Is BestDissertation trustworthy?

One can trust BestDissertation with simple high school or entry college-level tasks, such as a take-home essay. Search for dissertations and similar services elsewhere.

Does BestDissertation plagiarize?

There are no reported instances of major plagiarism in BestDissertation’s works. However, be advised to always use free online plagiarism check services online for your own safety.

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