Your original way to create a sophisticated article

If you ever wanted to train yourself to write better, you have read those billions of materials on “how to write a perfect...

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Publication Date: 29 April 2021

How to fight your diffidence and become a good writer

Writing can be tough. Honestly, it’s hard almost every time. You sit in front of a blank page and have absolutely no idea...

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Publication Date: 08 April 2021

Are Essay Writing Mills An Epidemic Or A Solution?

The topic of cheating and plagiarism in higher education is an everlasting argument. Students cheated, cheat and will cheat. The only thing that changes is...

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Publication Date: 31 March 2021

What Came First: The Student or The Essay?

Before you begin reading, ask yourself: What is your greatest achievement in life? No pressure, don’t rush. Take a couple of hours minutes to soak in this...

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Publication Date: 16 March 2021