How to Find Best Essay Writing Service

Homework essay tasks are like dinosaurs in the life of every modern student. Such tasks eat up a larger part of students’ time and are not effective in terms of the learning progress. Why instructors and various faculty members continue to emphasize these vestiges of the past in the age of interactive information technologies and innovative learning approaches – remains a mystery. Meanwhile, students learn to find ways to overcome these shortcomings and free up more time for other activities by hiring professional essay writing agencies. The main concern becomes – how to find the best essay writing service in the abundance of online propositions?      

Best Essay Writing Services

Just as with any service out there, there is always a high chance to come across an unscrupulous player. By going online and picking the first available option, students run a serious risk of wasting their time and money, and above all – risking their professor’s trust and grades. To find a worthy service, one has to be ready to spend some time and effort studying the market and learn how to distinguish a good service from dozens of not-worthy ones. This can either be done alone (the long way) by trial and error or with expert assistance.

In this article, we offer our readers a quick but comprehensive guide on how to choose an essay writing service that can do the job professionally and with minimum effort at your end. Here you will learn about the main pitfalls waiting for you and the key characteristics of a worthy essay writing service.

Bad Writing Quality

One can only assess a writing quality once the work is done and the money is paid. This is a risky way, as distinguishing between a good and bad writing quality service is not easy. Those who choose essay writing service for the first time may become lost in the abundance of similarly looking agencies online – companies with comparable price ranges, website designs, and types of services may produce good and bad quality papers likewise.

However, there are a few effective ways of distinguishing a worthy writing quality. First, is the guarantee policy – it is a good sign if a company offers a partial or full money back. Second, is the reputation or customer feedback – look for user reviews online and expert assessment articles.


Plagiarism often accompanies a bad writing quality, though it is also not rare to come across plagiarism in the otherwise decent written paper. Plagiarism may be partial or total – when either parts or an entire work is made using pieces of other works. To be able to find the best essay writing service means avoiding plagiarism altogether.

There are several tools to help students find plagiarism and avoid wasting money. Firstly, they should be aware that decent companies guarantee plagiarism-free papers and will never charge money for even a small trace of plagiarized content. Second, there are hundreds of powerful online tools to check plagiarism.

Scam Services

The worst-case scenario is when students come across scam essay writing services. Such services charge money (often upfront) and never give anything in return – they don’t write papers. Avoid such unscrupulous services at all costs by carefully reading customer feedback online (even a single complaint about a scam should make you think twice) and by examining the services’ website – look for careless design, repeating text, and flattering customer feedback (only positive feedback is also a bad sign), absence of guarantee policy and contact details.

How to Choose Essay Writing Service That Will Not Fail You?

Pay particular attention to the following nuances when looking for the best essay writing service online:

  • When did the company begin operation? Usually, trustworthy services would have worked for years and sometimes decades on the online market. This should be traceable by customer feedback, expert reviews, and testimonials on the company’s website. Unscrupulous and scam services whose purpose is to find quick money would have no history of successful customer relations.
  • Do they provide full contact information? Contact information is a very reliable criterion for all those who want to choose essay writing service to write a decent essay. The contact information should include phone, email, registration details, and the exact location of the registered headquarters (ideally with a map). The absence of any of these should make one think twice before going forward.
  • Do they have good customer support service? Reliable and trustworthy services would always invest money in good customer relations. And on the contrary – when there is no one to call and to ask a question or complain about poor work quality, there is a high chance this is a scam service. Your best essay writing service would have exceptionally good customer support.
  • What about the website – does it look professional to you? A decent writing agency cares about its appearance. Their website would have a unique and attractive design with customer-friendly navigation and an abundance of information. Reviewing a website is crucially important when you choose essay writing service.
  • Are they active on social media? Who runs a successful business without active social media support these days? Companies run social media blogs and write other publications and support proactive communication with their customers. If you don’t see clear evidence of such activity – it’s better to stay away from such services.
  • Do they provide free revisions? Good services take full responsibility for mistakes and errors. This is seen in the willingness to provide free revisions – for any justified customer complaint, a company must guarantee a free-of-charge revision.
  • Customer reviews don’t lie. For anyone who wants to find the best essay writing service – our universal advice is to look for customer reviews first. It is possible to fake a few customer reviews on a corporate site, but when you have dozens and hundreds of customer feedback documented on various trustful review sites – the true picture is hard to hide. Look for old and new customer feedback when you choose essay writing service, as they will provide you with information on the dynamic of user opinions.