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Sometimes when you desperately need help, you try to find information on Google. But the Internet gives you a lot of options that do not fit your requirements. Then Nerdify service comes in handy. They can handle different tasks and provide personalized solutions to their customers. Yet, the company does not have univocal Nerdify reviews and many things remain unclear as of how the service works and who are these all-knowing nerds.

The company was established in 2015 by two students who wanted to enhance the study process and let alumni and professional tutors and teachers share their experience. Soon after, the company evolved into a global corporation with a network of nerds from the best US, UK, Canadian, and Australian experts. They can handle any assignments you might have, such as:

  • presentation
  • quiz
  • problem
  • writing
  • editing
  • the best textbook purchase
  • equation solving
  • looking up definitions
  • finding info
  • plotting graphs
  • other tasks

Their nerds are freelance students, teachers and other specialists that can contribute to your academic career for a standard fee.

What is Nerdify?

It is an artificial intellect powered service that can handle all of your issues with homework assignments. They have an AI Nerd that can answer your questions just tell what you need and get an informative answer within several minutes. They can deliver books to your door, proofread or write your papers or simply find a tutor to help with your Calculus homework. Nerdify is a combination of all of these services.


To provide a truthful Nerdify review, we had to use their services, so we could give you an objective review. We asked the company to write an English literature essay for a summer school student. The assignment was due in 5 days. The topic was up to the nerd to choose. The essay was well-written, using appropriate language and style. The only downside was that it didn’t sound like a high school student wrote it, because it had in-depth analysis. But in overall, it was a good read and provided character descriptions of protagonists and content evaluation. It was really written by a good Literature expert.

Prices & Discounts

The prices are determined for each case separately. The only thing that remains unchanged is the company’s fee of 11% on the services they provide. The 500-word essay cost us a little more than $40, considering the fact that Nerds charge $8.33 per 100 words to be written within 4+ days. They have seasonal discounts. You can always follow Nerdy’s Facebook page to stay on top of them or surf the web to find some promo code to be applied to your order. There are always ways to save even a small discount that can make your day. Nerdify is one of the easiest ways to find books or tutors. However, you can find the same things on the Internet, the service saves your time and effort and guarantees your satisfaction otherwise you will get your money back. If you are unsatisfied with your order, you can request a refund but not later than 30 days after your order. Note, that Nerdify is a completely pre-paid service that will do its job only after you transfer the payment. They give you a payment link and you simply pay via PayPal or your credit card. You must be +18 years old to use their services.

Is it legit?

Before using the website, carefully read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The company is a legal business that is registered in California. They guarantee a full refund after the dispute consideration which no other fraud or scam company will do. Go Nerdify does not violate any laws and regulations and forbid their customers and nerds to do the same. Refer to Terms of Use to find more detailed information.


The company does not disclose the users’ personal information as they use Amazon web service, a secure hosting provider and the payment transactions are secured via PayPal. These critical features answers the FAQ “Is it safe?”. Nerdify guarantees money back and thus, proves its reliability.

Reviews and online reputation

The company is popular among clients and they, in turn, leave positive feedback. The service provides a quick solution for their problems that is why it got so many positive reviews. It was designed to cover different situations that concern studying at college. If a task or question needs a human, then you will get a nerd and if it can be solved by AI, then a nerdy bot will take care of it.


Though we ordered writing an essay with five-day deadline, the paper was finished in three days. It was a positive surprise as we could evaluate the essay and enjoy some free time. The nerds here on Go nerdify.com meet their deadlines and do not let their clients down.


They have a friendly and attentive support team that will help you out with your order and payment. The company is available via phone, email or live chat on Facebook. You can ask questions and the Nerd assistant will solve it according to your requirements. They will specify your instructions and will hook you up with a top specialist in your field. Nerdify is available on Facebook and Reddit. They keep you updated with the latest news, discounts, and tips on Facebook or via email if you subscribe to their email notification service.


The website has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. You can type in your phone number and they will text or call you back. Their interface is as easy as one, two, three. No additional buttons to confuse you, all issues are solved by your nerd assistant.


  1. The website is easy to use
  2. Nerdify’s experts can fix almost all your problems from book delivery to equation solving
  3. Their experts are rigorously selected and need to prove their education and work background
  4. They hire only experienced specialists
  5. They charge extra payment for their services


To sum up, the platform can cover any request a student might have and handle various intricate situations, yet their services are pricey as they charge 11% fee apart from the nerd’s charge.

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