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Tutorbin.com review

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We will discuss how guys from Tutorbin.com play their role in the digital writing market. You will decide if you trust this service or not. And the main thing – you will perceive your readiness to give them your money or keep exploring the net to try to find a legit company that can actually help you.

Paper Quality

Lots of customers of Tutorbin complained about poor vocabulary and numerous grammar mistakes. It seems they do not hire native English speakers as experts in writing. However, their website does not provide any information about the skills of their writers. Moreover, more than half of the opinions mention that papers received by clients of Tutorbin were full of non-original content.

Tutorbin says they offer high-quality written materials and promises complex control on each checkpoint of writing your texts. But how can it be true when so many people struggle with rejection by their examiners because of the abundance of elementary grammar mistakes and arrogant plagiarism in essays written by this service?

Prices and Fees

Even if all the big words on their website try to ensure you that their payment policy is clear enough, our researchers consider it in a different way. Let’s begin with that they do not basically have a fixed price for their work. In simpler words, they use a bid system to decide the possible cost for completing your task. Lucky you, if you are a billionaire and have no need to count your money. But the majority of their clients are students, who commonly suffer from a lack of money.

You need to set a comparatively high price for your order to find at least one or two writers who agree to work for such revenue. In case you choose a regular price for an average student, you may not even meet any of the Tutorbin writers to pick. “If you can cheat, then cheat,” probably they suppose.


Tutorbin provides some features you can claim if something goes wrong (read: almost always). Here are the main items you need to know about their policies:

  • Privacy Policy. This service guarantees that they refuse to use any of your personal information after the work is done. They also say they do not share your private data with third parties.
  • Money-back Policy. Tutorbin created a tricky Money-back Policy, and that is how it works: they may return only the part of your money. If your writer from Tutorbin started to work on your project, they send you a small piece of what is already done and a small part of the money you already paid. Don’t forget about the service commission.
  • Originality Guarantee. These are empty words in most cases. This writing service guarantees that your papers will be 100% free from plagiarism when you receive them. Unfortunately, numerous reviews prove the opposite, as clients keep getting poor-quality copied and pasted texts.

Tutorbin.com guarantees

Service review and Online reputation

Suppose you visit Tutorbin’s home page and open the “Reviews” tab. In that case, you will probably notice an ocean of nameless five-star comments where people are close to worshiping the company’s maintenance. Unfortunately, such statements exist only on one lonely Google website.

The majority of written reviews are paid. It goes from the reluctance of the workers to face the truth about real Tutorbin’s work issues. They delete negative comments.

tutorbin.com reviews

Customer Support

Customers say that their support is poor. Lots of questions remain unanswered, and many issues keep being unsolved. For most of the day, workers of the customer support team are unavailable.

Types of Services

Tutorbin gives help with the following services:

  • Assignment
  • Live Sessions
  • Essay Writing
  • Lab Report etc.

Tutorbin.com services

Ordering Process

You have no chance not to pay for awful papers because you need to deposit your personal account before placing an order. Furthermore, this writing service does not have part payments. So you pay the full price at the start or do whatever you want.

Tutorbin.com ordering process

Offers and Extra Services

Tutorbin offers no revisions even though they deliver plagiarized papers to their clients. Also, they offer as a gift a “full privacy guarantee.” Nice gift! We thought that was a fundamental rule for every single writing company.

Pros and Cons


  • You may have a refund
  • You can pick a writer
  • You can chat with your writer


  • High prices
  • Non-original content
  • Badly organized customer support
  • Your paper may not be accepted in collegе


Is Tutorbin.com legit?

We consider that such a company that has so many pitfalls right from the start can easily be a scam service.

Can I have my money back from Tutorbin?

People who ask Tutorbin workers about the refund because of the plagiarism in the papers usually receive negative replies.

Do writers from Tutorbin meet deadlines?

Clients of this writing service complain that they need to wait much more time than Tutorbin promised.


One of the services between all these “writing tycoons” is Tutorbin.com. We have decided to make a review of this service and find out whether it is a scammer or not. We do not recommend you to use this service because of many tricky conditions and permanent difficulties while using services of this company.


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