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Whether you have no time or you just find some task too difficult to complete, there are services that can cope with your homework. My math genius is one of them. It can help you will all sorts of math assignments, tests and even your online tasks. The service has been operating for 14 years and already completed more than 85 000 different mathematics assignments.


To test the quality of Mymathgenius we ordered a math homework assignment of 13 tasks on math statistics. The most suitable math geniuses were selected by the site experts, but we were to make the final decision based on each one’s rate. So we chose the one with 4/5 stars. Our order was done carefully and all our remarks were taken into consideration. Our Maths expert verified the final version and was also satisfied with its quality. So it could get an A if it was a real task.

Prices & Discounts

There is no precise information on some standard prices for math assignments in this site. It is quite understandable, as math tasks can differ a lot and their price depends on the the math topic and its difficulty, and also on a number of questions and the deadline. So, the service suggests customers to upload the details of their math task. Then the support team is to give information on the price of such or such task. It can take a couple of hours.

However, there are some examples of preliminary prices. For example, you will pay $49.95 for an assignment of 14 tasks on probability and basic statistics, made in 3 days or $49.95 for an assignment of 4 problems on quantitative analysis and business math, made in 7 days. But the service points out the fact that final prices always depend on the difficulty of questions and their delivery time.

According to ‘My math genius’ reviews a lot of customers consider the cost of the services to be too high, but still worth spending money on because of its quality. Also, we must admit that their prices are certainly higher than the rest of the companies on the market.


mymathgenius guarantee

The service promises:

  • highly qualified math geniuses selected by experts;
  • personal approach to each customer’s order;
  • money-back guarantee.

Some clients have the question:‘What if my teacher finds out I'm cheating?’ Well, the service provides customers with all operations protecting personal information, so your teacher will never know. The only information required by the site is a customer’s name and email, which are encrypted and never given even to a person who is working on a task.

Reviews and online reputation

The service managed to gain a good reputation. Numerous positive reviews show that the majority of customers are satisfied with it. The high qualification of so-called ‘math geniuses’ and the ease of use are the most common qualities mentioned by reviewers of the service. So, more than 85% of customers sharing their opinion highly recommend it to others.


When it comes to the time issue, the service is not perfect. First of all, it takes within 6 to 12 hours to evaluate the price of your task. Then, the lowest deadline starts with 24 hours. The service does not take assignments needed to be done in short terms (12 hours, for example), as they believe it can have a bad influence on the quality, if the math genius feel pressured. Having ordered a math assignment with a twenty-six-hour deadline, we received a message from the support team, in which they asked us to extend the deadline. So if you need to have your task done in a couple of hours, you’d better search for another service.


The customers are suggested to contact the support team via telephone or email, which we found a bit old-fashioned, as nowadays the majority of sites let the customers chat with the support team directly on the site. However, it works, although not instantly. We managed to get an answer within an hour.


mymathgenius how it work

The site cannot be considered to be well-designed as there is too much information in each part of it and the prints are too small which makes the site looks a bit messy. But it has all the necessary sections and most of the customers mention the ease of use as one of the major qualities of the service.



  • high quality;
  • ease of use;
  • security policy;
  • money-back guarantee;
  • good reputation.


  • high prices;
  • long delivery time.


The service proved its high quality to many happy customers. Although it is pricy, the math geniuses are well selected and really professional. However, it is not the best place for those who want to have their task done in a couple of hours.