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Eduguide pro is a writing company that provides essay writing services. The company is registered in Cyprus and claims to operate with integrity. The company’s website is very pleasant and makes a good first impression of the work. However, the company hasn’t gone to great lengths to hide the obvious flaws that betray its unreliability. Let’s evaluate the quality of Eduguide pro and find out what pitfalls the employees of this service are hiding.

Paper Quality

Clients complain that the topic of their essays is usually not covered well enough for a professional academic level. In some places, there are irrelevant statements that just fill the space to get enough words. There are also occasional typos and grammatical errors, but these are rare. Plagiarism often does not exceed the acceptable limit, but clients had had cases when they were given academic papers with a low percentage of originality.

Prices and Fees

Here you can order academic papers for six dollars per page. Such a low cost obviously attracts customers. There is no doubt that everyone wants to save money. However, is it worth trusting a service that lowers prices so much? The company lures buyers with such a price tag. However, in order to receive a plagiarism report, you will have to pay an additional ten dollars. It can be concluded that the company breaks down its workflow into many services that form all the necessary requirements for writing an essay. However, considering how many separate paid services the company offers, it becomes clear that for a quality essay, you will have to pay several times more than you expected.eduguide pricing


Eduguide writing service provides support to clients in the form of refunds. And indeed – the site contains information that in case of non-compliance with the requirements, you can return the money. Consider if your essay looks frankly terrible. They may write to you that company employees are ready to eliminate errors made during paper formatting, as well as grammatical errors. However, you may only receive a partial refund. Do not forget that correcting mistakes takes time, and if your paper was sent to you right on time, you have a chance to be late and not give your essay to the professor on time. In this case, you can lose more than 60% of the funds, and you will not be reimbursed.

Service Review and Online Reputation

As every web service is supposed to, you will never find negative comments on the home site. It’s okay to show only the best of yourself. But is it fair to write reviews about yourself? We don’t think so. If the company has millions of positive eduguide reviews, this does not mean that they were left by real people. Especially if you look at them more closely, some comments are so monotonous that it can be argued that they were written by the same person. But if we go to any of the official web services that publish reviews of writing services, we will see an average rating of 2.8 stars. It is difficult to fake reviews on such services because they are verified. And there we can already see that even half of eduguide’s customers are not satisfied with the cooperation with the company. Also, a quarter of negative reviews consist of information about late reviews

Customer Support

The customer support service on the company’s website responds quickly and is friendly. We did not notice any critical errors on the part of the employees of this department.

Types of Services

You can order essay writing, proofreading, and editing here. There is a fairly wide selection of academic papers, like many other companies in this field. There is nothing unusual here, but there really is plenty to choose from – book review, case study, research paper, or just a simple college essay.

Ordering Process

The company’s website may look nice, but you will have to spend a lot of time before placing an order here. You can view prices and calculate the cost before registering here. But the buttons on the site are “hidden” because the bright design slightly distracts the client from the user’s path. The order form itself is consistent here, but it looks like it was last updated in 2010 – it’s outdated and slightly unaesthetic. It was also a big disappointment that the order details page has a very small selection of functions, and at the same time, the system does not adapt to the type of academic assignment. That is, if you order an essay, you will still be asked how many presentation slides you need. Is it convenient? ordering process

Offers and Extra Services

If you subscribe to the Eduguide newsletter, you can get a one-time 10% discount on your order. In addition, the web service has a referral program. Refer a friend and get $40 free. Of course, you will not be able to withdraw funds to a personal account, but you can spend them on your next order.



  • The site is very beautiful. It is obvious that the designers have done a good job on it.
  • There is a possibility of a refund.


  • The company does not always deliver academic papers on time
  • Most likely, the company fakes positive reviews and removes negative ones
  • It is unlikely that you will be able to receive full compensation if your academic paper does not meet the requirements for the assignment
  • The quality of the written papers is below average
  • Intuitive website
  • Questionable online reputation
  • Some important and priority functions are paid, which is unjustified in this area.


Eduguide is not the most worthwhile customer service. A good price is the only way to attract customers, but the poor quality of academic papers will not force the user to apply to this company again. The company tries to outsmart the customer with guarantees that consist of nothing but conditions, so it is likely that you will not be reimbursed for the full cost of the order. A weak idea of how to properly conduct research confirms that the employees of this service are mostly not professional in their field. We do not recommend contacting Eduguide if it is important for you to get a quality essay and not lose money. Plus, you still have to pay extra money to find out how unique your content is.

🏆Paper Quality Not good enough to pass it to your professor
✔️Price per page Cheap prices that attract new customers
✍️Subject Selection The average amount of different disciplines that are mostly major
Meeting Deadlines A quarter of orders have been late
✔️Customer Support Friendly workers


Is eduguide legit?

We cannot say that the site is a scam as it actually sends academic papers to its client. However, the quality of these papers will probably disappoint you. The site also offers refunds. However, you are unlikely to be able to receive the entire cost of the order.

Does eduguide meet deadlines?

Approximately a quarter of negative reviews contain information that their orders were delivered late. Besides not all customers leave reviews in principle, it is impossible to say how many customers were dissatisfied.

Is eduguide trustworthy?

This service is not worth your time. Chances are you won’t get what you expect.

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