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Paper Quality

WiseEssays is not a service that stands out from the crowd of other academic writing services. At first glance, their paper quality is about average. However, at a closer look, an attentive reviewer will spot minor grammar issues, content poverty, and even fragments of plagiarized text. We all know that modern plagiarism checkers are sometimes overly strict; nevertheless, a decent writing agency should account for these nuances and meticulously eliminate any possible plagiarism issues.

Prices and Fees

Similar to the paper quality situation, the pricing policy at WiseEssays is looking great from a helicopter view, but everything changes down at the ground level. They attract customers with nice first-order discounts (20%) and convenient bundles – one can buy a bundle of 10 papers at a 40% discount. Though, the standard price per page is noticeably higher than at the competitors.WiseEssays prices


When students buy papers online, they are doing it at their own risk, meaning that they should be ready to face difficulties claiming their money back or encountering other more serious risks with personal information security and financial transactions. The same is true with WiseEssays. Their Terms of Use define only partial refund and guarantee users’ anonymity and personal information security only if they are strictly following the company’s internal rules and are applying reasonable caution when creating a personal account and communicating with the administration/writer.wiseessays guarantees

Service Review and Online reputation

Finding a trustworthy online review of WiseEssays was hard. The most popular customer feedback sites, including SiteJabber and TrustPilot, only contain positive reviews. The same tendency can be seen on Reddit – a single discussion thread with dozens of positive comments raises more questions than provides answers.wiseessays reviews on trustpilot wiseessays reviews

Customer Support

WiseEssays has an OK customer support office, presumably located in North America (perfectly synched in time with local customers). The support agents have answered all of my questions and helped to place the order slightly less than in 10 minutes. They also claim to provide an online chat option, also available around the clock.wiseessays support

Types of Services

WiseEssays covers a wide range of academic papers and editing services. The papers they produce on-demand include:

  • High school and college-level assays
  • Common college term papers
  • Coursework
  • Analysis and literature reviews
  • Reports
  • Letters of recommendation
  • CVs and Resumes
  • Theses and dissertations

The editing services consist of expert-level editing and proofreading (all on-demand papers come with this service as standard), grammar check, formatting, presentation, plagiarism checks, and reports.

Ordering Process

To place your order at WiseEssays, do the following:

  • Select service type: paper writing or editing service
  • Select paper type
  • Add properties: length, structure, number of pages/words, format, optional input (thesis statement, arguments, key facts, etc.)
  • Set delivery deadline
  • Approve the preliminary quote and kick-off order execution
  • Pay for delivered order or claim a partial refund

WiseEssays ordering process

The above steps can be followed either by filling in the online order form or calling the customer support desk and placing your order there.

Offers and Extra Services

WiseEssays attracts customers with generous first-order discounts and convenient bundles. Besides those, there are no other sensible offers available. Extra services include editing and proofreading, plagiarism, grammar checks, as well as presentations preparation, CVs/resumes, and letters of recommendation.



  • Reliable customer support service
  • A wide range of services covered
  • Attractive first-order discounts


  • Unreliable paper quality
  • High prices for standard services
  • Questionable online reputation
  • Weak guarantees and security issues present
  • No loyalty program or extra services


WiseEssays attracts customers with convenient bundles and generous first-order discounts. At a closer look, the service is average at best, losing out to competitors in terms of paper quality, prices, guarantees, and extra offers.


Is WiseEssays legit?

As far as national legislation goes, by administering its services, WiseEssays does not violate any of the existing laws or regulations. However, at a subjective level, many would find a paid-for-essay service as immoral and unethical (don’t ask your professor this question).

Is WiseEssays reliable?

The two most important reliability criteria of any custom writing service are the quality of papers and guarantees. Assessed by these factors alone, WiseEssays cannot be considered a reliable and trustworthy service.

Is WiseEssays cheap?

One may get seduced by the generous first-order discounts and convenient bundles, however, under the surface, the base paper prices are higher than the market average.

Is WiseEssays available 24/7?

They are in fact an around-the-clock service. At least, their customer support office accepts customer calls any time of the day and night.

Does WiseEssays plagiarize?

Minor plagiarism issues were reported by other customers. Optional plagiarism reports are available for purchase and can mitigate the risk of buying plagiarized content.

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